SSS Super Alloys are an AS9120 accredited distributor of nickel and other alloys in both solid and cut blanks with lot traceability for the aerospace sector.

Various Nickel Alloy product forms are supplied by SSS Super Alloys into the aerospace industry. With exceptional inventory levels of round bar material, other material forms offered include hollow bar, flat sheet and plate - also in accordance with AMS specifications. The comprehensive inventory held within the UK facility enables promp service to immediate customer requirements and longer term projects alike.

The aerospace industry has experienced significant growth in recent times as a result of increased air travel year on year. Related to excellent heat resistant properties, superalloys can maintain strength, toughness and dimensional stability at temperatures much higher compared to other aerospace materials. Within aero engines the nickel based superalloys for the "hot section" in the turbine ensure optimised performance.

SSS Super Alloys supply material in accordance with AMS specifications and various Blue Chip and OEM requirements.

Related to such applications SSS Super Alloys offers a comprehensive range of Alloy 625 and Alloy 718 meet every need.

SSS Super Alloys are members of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.