AMS 5662/5663

Alloy 718 (N07718) is a high strength nickel-base alloy initially developed for the aerospace industry and is used in applications requiring high strength to approximately 1400°F (760°C) and oxidation resistance to approximately 1800°F (982°C).

In addition, the alloy exhibits excellent tensile and impact strength even at cryogenic temperatures. High strength at room and elevated temperatures is developed by a precipitation heat treatment at 1325°F (718°C) with cooling and a hold of 1150°F (621°C).

The relatively slow response to precipitation hardening permits repair welding of Alloy 718, even in the aged condition. Its excellent strength and corrosion resistance have been recognised by the oil industry and it is now widely used in this field.

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  • AMS 5662 / 5663 REV N
  • ASTM B637
  • Material may also be supplied to specific customer specifications, subject to enquiry

About AMS 5662/5663

This grade is used in many demanding applications based on its high temperature resistance and superior oxidation and corrosion resistance. Originally developed and used for gas turbines, aircraft engines, fasteners and other high strength applications. It also has excellent potential for cryogenic applications.

High strength Alloy 718 can be obtained via heat treatment to achieve the required properties. AMS 5662 is in the solution annealed condition, usually with a capability test to ensure future compliance to AMS 5663. It is the softest of the Alloy 718 ‘states’ which can sometimes offer a machining benefit to our customers.

The material is then aged after machining to meet the mechanical requirements. AMS 5663 is in the solution treated and aged condition to give high strength tensile properties.

SSS Super Alloys have the knowledge and capability to heat treat material from AMS 5662 to AMS 5663 to meets customers’ demands.

  • Aerospace - components for gas turbines, aircraft engines
Technical data
Chemical analysis
50.0 min. - 55.0 max
17.0 min. - 21.0 max.
4.75 min. - 5.5 max.
2.8 min. - 3.3 max.
0.65 min. - 1.15 max.
0.2 min. - 0.8 max.
0.08 min.
1.00 max.
0.35 min.
0.35 max.
0.015 max.
0.015 max.
0.0060 (60ppm) max.
0.3 max.
0.005 (5ppm) max.
0.00003 (0.3ppm) max.
0.00005 (0.5ppm) max.
Physical properties
Heat Treatment
AMS 5662: Solution annealed between 941-1010°C followed by rapid cooling
AMS 5663: As above plus precipitation hardened at 718°C for 8 hours, furnace cooled to 621°C and hold for total ageing time of 18 hours
Size range
Bar stock: 12.7mm Dia to 300mm Dia
Ingot: 300mm to 610mm Dia
Mechanical properties
Yield Strength 0.2% Offset
145 000 psi Min.
180 000 psi Min.
6% Min.
Reduction of Area
8% Min.
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